What is ShowGO Canada?

ShowGo Canada is a monthly subscription service that allows members to watch one 2D movie in a theatre, per day.


How does it work?

ShowGO members will receive a ‘ShowGO Movie Card’ (SMC) in the mail upon subscribing. Members will use our mobile application to select their theatre, movie, and show time. Once they arrive at the theatre, members will use their SMC to redeem their ticket.

What are the benefits?

Each ShowGO Canada member will receive access to the movie theatre everyday for only $12.95/month.

What is the vision for ShowGO Canada members in the future?

ShowGO Canada is dedicated to offer its members with the highest quality of service and most up-to-date options. ShowGO Canada is currently striving to one day offer group rates and savings on various entertainment purchases.

ShowGO Canada is proud to be a Canadian company serving Canadians from coast to coast!